About Me


Hello Friends, Nice to meet you! I am Amy! 
I am from a small town in Texas and live way out in the country, either get everything you need before heading to home, or well..drive back or just make it work! I lost my mother in 2011 to her 6 year battle with Breast Cancer, I miss her every.single.day.

I am pretty basic and by basic I don't mean PSL from Starbucks are my thing, I live for Michael Kors,  or feel the need to brag about every single thing on instagram and take too many selfies okay maybe I do take too many selfies, but that's beside the point.

I am married to one man. I have two children Slayde and Stella. Slayde is in school while Stella is working her way up to the big TWO year old stage.

I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself I have been know to piss a few people off. We cant make them all happy can we?
I LOVE being outside, whether its on the lake, riding fourwheelers, working in the garden, outside is just so...refreshing! My typically night out is, staying at home with a little fire drinking a bottle glass of wine. I like to laugh and make people laugh!

Rusty never takes normal photo.

My marriage is pretty perfect yeah okay, not even. We fight, we make up, we both cook supper and SOMETIMES I can get him to clean the kitchen; but thats it! What man will clean the kitchen, sometimes?
My house, is always a mess but, my kitchen is always clean. ha ;)

So basically, I am pretty much not your average type of chick. because lets be honest no ones life is that perfect like pinterest likes us to think!

ciao and champs!