Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sponsored Post By: Rainbath by Neutrogena

Hello Friends!
Just to get this out of the way this is a sponsored post by Brand Backer and Neutrogena 

I recently have joined this company where they let you choose different campaigns to be in and if you get chosen they will send you free products to review.
I have had the privilage of being about to review some Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel. I was shocked when they sent me not ONE but FIVE of the Shower and Bath Gel.

They sent me these scents
- Original 
- Fresh Plum
- Pear and Green Tea
- Pomegranate
- Ocean Mist

So far, I have used the Ocean Mist and the Pomegranate. I use the Ocean Mist to lather my body with and the Pomegranate to shave my legs! I hardly ever buy shaving cream! This is PERFECT for shaving you legs and making them feeling silk and soft after shaving! Sometimes I feel like I don't even need any lotion after, although I always lather up with lotion! The scents are not too strong and not overbearing! It really does make my ski feel so soft and not rough feeling. It lathers well with both a cloth or loofah!

I even think if you use the Body Oil after using the Rainbath you will feel even more soft and smooth.
My four year olf daughter even uses them, she says she smells like Momma! I even caught my husband trying out the Pomegranate. I would recommend buying this to add to Gift Baskets for this upcoming Holiday season!! 

Now that I am just got through talking about this great product I kind of want to go home and take a how bath and use it as a bubble bath. Oh, did I mention it works as a bubble bath too?
Yup! Try it out and let me know in the comments


please note--this post WAS sponsored but all my opinions are MY OWN! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Back To School.

All over the world school is starting for all those young'uns, pre teens, and teens. 

My son will be starting 4th grade this year, I honestly can not believe this is even possible. 
I can't believe that my 5lb 5ozs little boy is growing up to be a wonderful, sweet, loving, and caring for others type a boy. I am proud to say I think I am doing a pretty goo job at raising a boy who understands compassion and love for others. 

Slayde on his First Day of 4th Grade. 
PS. yes my daughter has shorts underneath

He was so excited to finally go to school today he has literally been looking forward to school starting for almost two weeks now, crazy I know. He actually does love going to school!
He even gets lockers this year so the first thing he told me is he needs to decorate it. 

Stella started a half a day at a pre school in town, she wouldn't take a picture outside by the sign so I had to get a quick snapshot of her doing morning work! <3

It is so crazy to me to think how time has flown by. How is it I have a 4th grader who is smarter then me in Math, loves reading, and is so compassionate for others. 

My daughter on the other hand is a strong willed girl. She is VERY independent and prefers to do things all by herself! She is so artistic, smart, and sometimes thinks she is the boss. Which sometimes she is. ;)

I just hope this year both my babies--Learn, Grow, and love others throughout this year.

I Hope they have fun learning and meeting new friends. I hope they have the best year ever! 



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Favorite Skincare Brand: Dirty Works

Recently, I came across this great, affordable, and my most favorite part. . Cruelty free!
I recently came across this brand while shopping at TJ Maxx and bought the 8-1 Miracle Serum. Which I have pictured below. I usually use this product BEFORE moisturizer and after I was my face! This face serum is truly a miracle! This serum does everything it says it does.
-Improves Skin Firmness - Brightens - Hydrates - Even skin tone - Fills Fine Lines - Diminishes Wrinkles - Stimulates Collagen - Smooths Skin Texture.
For only $8.00 it worth a try!! I highly recommend it!

I use this every single day and I have notice such big difference in the texture in my skin and how it brightens it as well. It hydrates my face in a instant and makes my face smooth and soft, and smells amazing, and for only $2 you can have a pack for ever room!
There is nothing like waking up to RADIANT skin and Bright Skin. I use this at night and sometimes day depending on if I need a extra "lift". It plumps your skin while lifting and firming your skin overnight! Use this everyday and you will notice a big difference in your fine lines and minizines your wrinkles as well. It has combining a triple peptide complex, seaweed extract and nourishing Shae Butter. It lifts, tones and boost collagen while you sleep. What could be better and easy?! Then you wake up to a refresh, bright and glowly!
For only 8.00 you can look younger in weeks!!

I am OBSESSED with facial masks of any kind! This mask is a intensive and radiance
boosting face mask to deeply cleanse and replenish your skin. It has a superfruit extract 
of blueberry, skin clearing Willow Bark and detoxifying green clay and kaolin. I use this twice a week and sometimes do spot treatments when I feel a zit coming on! It has shrinked my pores and makes my face feel clean, soft and leaves my skin glowing and feeling refreshed, it literally draws out any impurities you have. I highly HIGHLY recommend this, and for $3.00 you can pass it up!
If you haven't tried any of these products I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you get your butt to the website and order you something! They also have bath & body, skincare, fragrance, gifts and cosmetics! I am sure there is something on this website for everyone!
All opinions I posted where my own, I purchased these products with my OWN money and was not sent anything for this review! I want to try there bath and body and cosmetics but I have made another order yet, hoping to get a order in soon!

Let me know if you have used these products. What were your thought's on the products? Which was your favorite? Should I try something new?

Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Madness

Quotes to Remind You to Never Miss a Monday!

Was anyone else's weekend super busy? I know mine was and my weeks are getting even busy with school coming to a end. 
Over the weekend we had our last soccer game for the spring season even though the team forfeited (due to not enough team players). We ended up letting them use a few of our team players to play anyways for practice. We ended this season undefeated! 

Also, Saturday was my son's 9TH BIRTHDAY!! How is it even possible for my first boy son to be NINE? It is so crazy how time flies by when your growing, learning and having the best time of your life! He ended up having a small little party with a few friends and had a small little nerf gun war! I must say that kid has more nerf guns then he honestly needs!

Also, Baseball season is full force! We have been practicing for a month so far, twice a week! Our first game is Tuesday! Go RANGERS!

May is always such a busy month for us. Both are kids birthdays are a week apart from each other, then you have Mother's Day, and mine and my husbands anniversary on 21st.

Speaking of Mother's Day, what are your plans for Mother's Day?
I am literally hoping to do nothing. Well, I do hope to have breakfast and a Bellini in bed first thing in the morning!

I Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday and  I will be back tomorrow! 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wordless Wedsneday

pink texas sky

I know the title says Wordless Wednesday but I wanted to add one thing. . 

Texas Pink Skies are my absolute favorite! <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


hello may

Hello Again. It's been awhile since I have came to my personal space on the web. 

May 1st is here and I couldn't be happier!

This month is ALWAYS so busy for us! May 5th my son turns 9. May 13th my daughter turns 4 and it is Mother's Day. May 21st is mine and my husbands Anniversary. Also, on the 6th of May is my late grandfather's birthday as well!

I have been in a writer's block for sometime now, but, I think I may have my groove back.

I think I am learning to enjoy writing again, enjoying finding new material to write about and new experiences as well!

I HAVE SO MUCH to talk about, to show you, DIY's, stories, and maybe even a few recipes!

It honestly feels so good to actually BLOG for the first time in months, and before that is was ALWAYS sporadically. So here is to me, bringing the ol' blog back!!


Monday, March 5, 2018

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Product Review

Recently, I joined Brand Backer. They have these different campaigns you can apply to from a various types of brands and you can receive there products for free to review on your blog or YouTube channel.

I figured I could do this, and just maybe it will get me back on the track of blogging again!

So with that being said, I received the products to review above, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Collection.

I received FIVE FULL products to use, here is what I received I will start from L-R from the picture so you will know what each product looks like while I tell you about it. I started using these products the day I received them (a week ago) day and night and have notice a BIG difference in my skin and skin texture! 

Each product contains PURIFIED HYALURONIC ACID

 What is Purified Hyaluronic ACID? 

- - Naturally found in skin but is lost over time and needs to be replaced
- - Powerful hydrator that acts as a sponge for dry skin
- - Absorbs up to 1000x its weight in water
- - Works to help keep skin feeling hydrated

HYDRO BOOST Multi-vitamin booster-

On the website it says "Intensely hydrates and energizes the look of dull, tired skin. This face serum with purified hyaluronic acid helps improve skin’s moisture barrier against dryness." 
Let tell you this little gem is probably my favorite out of the collection, I love how it makes my face feel and how it brightens up my dullness in my face, also, you use this product AFTER cleansing and before you moisturize.

HYDRO BOOST Hydrating Cleansing Gel-

I have been using this Cleansing Gel at night before bed and then the booster and moisturizer. I have notice my skin feeling hydrated and fresh when I wake up in the morning.
It is lightweight and not heavy on my face after I rinse off the silky lather!
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • Soap Free
  • Oil Free

  • HYDRO BOOST Water Gel Moisturizer -  
    There are TWO different type of moisturizers in this Collection.
    The "Water Gel" and "Gel Cream" I received the water gel, but I read the dffernce between one another is one is for EXTRA DRY SKIN and if you have that get the GEL CREAM!
    When I first used I loved the smell, color, texture, the feel everything. Even my husband had to try it because he has dry skin as well and has helped him tremendously! Also, a little bit goes a LONNNNG way!

    HYDRO BOOST Gentle Cleansing Lotion -  
    I love this stuff! I use this to first remove off my makeup before I use the hydrating cleansing gel. This melts into your skin to remove traces of oil, dirt and makeup. You can use it on dry or wet skin and clean off with a cotton pad or cotton cloth! It literally erases all that goop off your pretty little face!

    HYDRO BOOST Exfoliating Scrub -  
    I'm a big fan of scrubs! I love how gentle and supple this scrub is, I have been using this in the morning when I wake up then after the normal vitamin boost and water gel moisturizer! Its gentle enough for an everyday use as well!

    I will say I give these products a overall 5.
    I loved how light weight and gentle they all were, not too mention 
    free of- 
    Non- Comedogenic (wont clog pores)

    I would recommend these products to anyone who suffers for dry or extra dry skin!
    I will continue to use this and give you guys a monthly update on how well my skin has been!


    ***all opinions are my own, I received this product for free but, always my opinions are my own!