Friday, June 3, 2011

Randoms about MOI

Random Things That make Me, ME :D

1. I love salad, (i think this is an understatement) i love it with all kinds of veggies, with NO dressing, yes i said NO dressing, its so much better when i can taste the fresh veggies.

2. I paint my nails every week almost, sometimes i manage to forget but normally there painted.

3. i am not a morning person, I'm rather a night owl...HOOT HOOT..

4. I'm afraid of odd numbers, had this phobia ever since working at a Mexican restaurant here in town, strange i know but its part of me.

5. I love my State, TEXAS.. nothing better then growing up the Texan way.

6. LOVE found me, i never went out to look for it. Actually i wasn't even interested in him, he keep pursuing me, and then one day, i realized.

7. i have never been on a airplane, or flown anywhere. Yes, i said i have NEVER been on a plane. Hopefully things will change this year :)

8. I'm literally obsessed with my long brown hair, i love to comb it, braid it, play with it, and everything else u can do with your hair. I'll say its my best trait :)

9. i have the most amazing friends in the world, i know they would have my back any day, and i would give them my shirt on my back :)

10. I love love noodles, noodles with molly mcbutter (what is this u ask. well I'll post something about this special little treat soon.) noodles with salt and pep, noodles with parm, ANYTHING with noodles is my fav. My Paw paw always told me i would turn into a noodle.. well I'm still waiting on that to happen. ;)

Before i leave i will leave u with a picture of my newly painted nails..
OK yes, if u look closely u can see i messed up a little on painting my nails, but nothing a little bit of polish remover cant fix.

my manicure consisted of Sally Hansen "hard as nails" brand with the colors of starting with pinkie:
Fuchsia Power, Blue me Away, Sun Kissed, Green with Envy, Caribbean Coral