Monday, July 11, 2011

All things New.

Hello there my loves!

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend i sure know i did.
friday night a bestie of mine came over and we had a few tequila shots,
then decided to give ourselves
mani and pedi's while we cussed and dicussed all things fashion, life,
and anything to make her laugh.

Saturday morning me, hubs and the babe, heading to the city to do
a little shopping.
We headed to BigLOTS, Tj Maxx,
Target, Ross, Dollar Tree and Rue 21.

our mission for this trip was to get:
curtain rods
new bedspread
well we got the bedspread but not everything else

that will be our next mission along with the other stuff i tack on.

but here is a few items i took pics of to show u my
cool new gadgets
isn't my new scrub brush cute?
Hubs called me a "Girl" I'm like DUUHHHH.
my cute floral mug which I'm now OBSESSED with.
that yellow thing is a lemon juicer,
when u juice ur lemons it catches the yummy juice
so u can pour it in whatever ur making.
for me it will prolly be
lemon water
lemon cookies
or lemon in my tea
 then i got that blue star sandwich cutter for my sons "sandmichs"
and the strawberry timer is just too cute to boot
yay!! hubs got me a full length mirror.

peek a boo i see u. ;)

i found these rad things while garage saleing it up Friday:
like my clutch? got it for 50 cents. BE.JEALOUS.

 LIKE MY SHOES? got em for 2 bucks..


i was gonna put this picture of me "posing"
 in the full length mirror.
oh, well here it is. me and all my
"i just literally got out of bed the through something on look, LITERALLY"

ew CREEP, i need to fix my hair, face, and clean that damn room.
excuse me while i go away in a hole.

also i sent out my package today for my "Bracelet Swap"
cant wait to see my bracelet/s i am getting.

and i seriously need to find my notebook with all my stuff in it.
if anyone sees it, please tell my notebook to go home,
her mother is looking for her.

until tomorrow?