Sunday, October 9, 2011

FOREVER 21 HAUL, a little craft-y-ness, and loosing my belongings.

Last week i made a purchase on Forever 21 and
got a few items i have been wanting this fall

(sorry for the bad quality photo my camera is being shipped off to be worked on)

Floral ring
(which i lost last night, details below this post.)

Floral Coin purse.
(which i also lost last nite)

this nice GOLD statement ring.

this great gold owl ring
which now belongs to this lovely lady down there
Image Detail

Tori Brooke

she has been my bestie since i can even remember,
i remember being in Gibson's (when it still existed)
and seeing her and we would always get our
popcorn and icee..we was true friends from the get-go

i also purchased these two gold earrings.
why gold?
well becuase i needed more of it in my life.

just ur regular ol' gold hoops.

i also, did a little painting the other day
like last Sunday.

I also did a little project one of my Fellow Texan
 she also has awesome inspirationa and DIY ideas,
as you can tell with how lovely my "newer" shoes look ;)

also my son wanted to get in on the action
and i let him paint a canvas..
i think he is a natural?
Well i say he could beat Picasso any day.
Yeah, Picasso, thats a challenge ;)

onto my story of loosin my dang belongings.
So last night last minute hubs and some friends wanted to go out to
eat at "The River" "Peach Orchard" or "Doug;'s Peach Orchard"
whateve u wanna call it.. it has many names.
but ill stick too the old and good name i know

so we went and had ourselves some
Tatersauce- which is porlly the best i have EVER had in my life
knowing i HATE HATE mayo.
Hushpuppies and
a good ol Cold Beer.

Well after eating we heading to play a few games of pool,
after the fellas where done with there many GAMES of pool,
we headed to do a little
if u have no idea what this is,
Im sorry, its a sounthern thing,
maybe even a "Texas Thing"

anyways, well i just grab a clutch to take to eat,
so i wouldnt have a to tote around "luggage"
(as my husband calls it)
Well so last night it rained and poured
and rained and poured some more

Well we hit up the "Droads and went on a little cruise listening to music and
"tossing back a few cold ones"
well finally i had to pee, (i tried to hold it in as long as possible, it was raining people give me a break)
so i got out went and did my biz..and then got back well about an hour and half
of droading i then realized

Hubs asks whats all in there.

oh well
My Debit
My Lipgloss
My lipstain
My new floral ring
my new floral coin purse
my hair clip and
im sure something else i need really bad tomorrow,

so needless to say we tried to back track and see if we can find it
needless to say no luck.
Banks are closed tomorrow.
blahhh just my damn luck

oh well my license was expired anyways.
this now gives me a reason to go get my last named changed.
not spend any money.

get way to save money huh?