Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Random's

This week has been pretty hectic..

Last we had found out that Mom is going to have to have Radiation for the spots in her
Spine, she also has a few more spots that have been spotted in her liver.
prayers please.

I was Miss Freddy Kruger for Halloween

so attractive..i tried to be more "scary", creepy if u ask me..
that's my friend Callie. I call her Calico.

my little man was a Train Conductor.

so cute.  love him...

on my facebook status for the month of November i have been putting what i am thankful for..
Monday i said I'm thankful for my husband and son
Tuesday i said I'm thankful for my home.
and today ill say I'm thank for this bowl of soup i am eating, along with this butter pecan cake. true story.

my little monster has a sore throat this week and a little congestion in his chest.
running a mild fever but still his normal sweet self.

RECENTLY (well yesterday)
i made these little guys.
i seen them on Pinterest awhile back, and saved up a few
toilet paper rolls, and thought i would give it a try, well needless to say
i think they look ADORABLE! EVEN better they keep my cords altogether
and not scattered where someone will trip over them.

u like?
me too...

here are a few pinterest items i have found:

Pinned Image

Vanilla ice cream inside hollowed out apples, topped off with brandy caramel

Used to be so exciting!!

i so miss the old days.

Pinned Image
why haven't i thought of this?? so easy!
\Pinned Image

must try!!!

love this pattern and the colors!!

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, i wanna spend mine,
drinking hot apple cider, by the fire outside.

oh how i love fall/winter