Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you really knew me

If you really knew me

 u would know i lost my mom in December to the one thing i hate..
CANCER. Last night before bed i though about how much i missed her..
love u mom..

u would know i have MAJOR OCD. If my Hubs doesnt put the spices in the correct spot.. he is in for it. BIG. TIME.

 u would know i truly do NOT like fake people.
please dont be nice to my face, then shit talk behind my back. 
it reminds me of Junior High

If you really knew me

 im really quite the comedian when im around my girlfriends..i enjoy making them laugh.

 u would know i live literally out in the middle of NOWHERE!!

 u would  know i tend to put my foot in my mouth sometimes.

 u would know i had a baby first, then marriage..seems legit?

u would know i enjoy Thrifting, garage saleing, and whatever else u can do to find another man's treasure!

im almost at a 100 followers!!! its been a long road to get here, but im almost finally there!!

there ya have it!!

hope u enjoyed