Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On my Marriage.

Let's face it, not everyone can have a perfect marriage.
I do have to say mine is pretty damn good.
Wanna Meet my Husband?
(sorry i couldnt find just a photo with just him looking handsome, so u get me too.)
His name is
Rust, Rus, and no it isnt short for Russell.
We went to school together. He was way cooler then me, i remember my first day of seeing him. He walks downt he hallway with a MULLET
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Terrible, very awful looking. He did it for fun he says, but days later had to shave his head because of the football coaches.
Not everybody can rock one of those.
Some good qualities about Ol' Rust
He is funny,
extremely LOUD (when drunk, should that even be good?)
very driven
GREAT Father
hard worker
and the best handyman any can have!
Our Marriage has alot of ups and downs, we tend to let the petty things roll off our back.
We TRUST each other, very much, sometimes i think its more then we can really handle.
He allows me to be me, and never asks me to change who i am.
We always try to love more then fight, sometimes my period keeps that from happening. ;)
When it really comes down too it, we are still learning and growing with each other every day.
If we can survive a day without doing some crazy to each other, then that my friends is another successful day or marriage.
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ps. just for funnies
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this is a VERY true statement.