Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monster Jam

Has anyone ever been to a Monster Jam?
 Let's just say this is a MUST to do with you child/childern.

When we told Slayde we would be attending this Jam earlier in the week, it seemed like every hour he would ask, "Is it time for the Monster Trucks Jam?" I would nicely and repeaditively tell him, "Son, we are going on Saturday we have two more days, it should be here before you know it!"

Well here we are FINALLY Day of Monster Jam. I woke up about 8ish watched my normal weekend morning show, The Pioneer Woman on cooking channel. I let Slayde sleep in, well because its the weekend dammnit, he and I deserve it ;)

We finally headed too town. Washed the Hum (always gotta be shining when ur heading to the city) got gas then headed to meet the other couple that was going with us.

Can you believe they had NO earmuffs at Academy or both Walmarts? You'd think there was a Monster Jam coming to town or something..I still dont understand why we just didnt get any while we were in town? Whatevas. So here we are at the Monster Jam waiting in line to purchase tickets, praying to the good Lord its not sold out. (Do you want to break it too a 4 yr old that he cant attend? That's what I thought) I'm sure if we couldn't have went at 2, then we could always go to the 7:30 show. Surely I can contain myself wanting to have a rita until after the show. Suuurrrellly.

Slayde seriously couldn't contain the excitement once we arrived into the Arena. Im so exited to capture the excitement on his face...Im thinking this is gonna be the greatest blog moment for me ever. I decided to video tape his reaction...I was thinking way more dramatic. (okay sorry for no video. blogger and youtube are not worth my troubles today)

I must say if u here of a Monster Jam coming to town. I suggest u go.
  U will be sorry you missed such a great time watching big huge trucks crush each other