Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Arrival for the Family.

Guess What?

Im an Aunt. To this little cutie.


 (what u expect me to say I had a new baby and didn't tell ya?)

Aren't these two little boys the sweetest? Slayde tells everyone he has a new baby sister, and his name is Griffin. I tell him, Grffin is a boy like you Slayde,not a girl...."OOOOOhhhhh well that explains it." He said.
Meet Little Bear.

The story behind this little fella is sure a story to tell.

Shall I share? Okay u pulled my arm.

I self proclaimed, since I have been experienced in child birth. (hence, I have a babe myself) She was in labor Monday (2/12/13/) during the day, she had all the signs of labor and being she lost her plug the week before..tmi? sorry, not sorry sistaa. ;) She arrived at her weekly appointment, (which in my mind she was in labor) her Doc checks her tells her she is a 1, sends her on her way and says I'll see you next week. Oh did i mention she walked in having contractions every 5-6 mins for at least 15-20 seconds? I was like REALLY I'm wrong this time, strange? Either way, I knew he was coming, whether it be later on in the day or late Tuesday night he would be here on earth with all us other crazies. So during the day I helped Em at her new house, we went through Bear's clothes and hung a few things, WHILE she is still having contractions. She seemed fine, but I knew she was in somewhat of pain. Thinking she isn't gonna have him anytime soon I finally leave and head home..

About 4:00AM the phone rings and its my Nawnaw first thing I ask is, "Is he ready?" Out the door I go to watch this sweet baby be born. Well needless to say. I didn't make it to watch the firework show, but I did get to be the first to meet him right after, I was only last by 15 mins. She also delivered with no drugs, yes, that's what I said NO DRUGS. Did I mention this was her first child? She says its not as bad as we would think..Also Baby Bear was born without a name, true story. Apparently it's the cool thing to do? Seriously he really didn't. She thought maybe when she saw him for the first time it would just come to her, but it didn't. The next day he finally had a name

Griffin Lee Bell
Bear, Honey Bear, Stinky Bear, whatever u wanna call Him Bear.

I just love thes two little guys so much already. My sister is already a great mother..
we both learned from the best.