Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: Braun Forehead Thermometer

Braun Forehead Thermometer
This here beauty is Ah-Mazing!!
It takes just seconds to tell if your little one is running a fever or not.
First off. Lets talk about your other choices you could use.

Unlike the old ones, they take forever and are normally inaccurate.
Their are so many different types of thermometers on the market these days.

TenderTykes Fahrenheit Digital #Pacifier Thermometer
- Pacifier Thermometer- Lets really talk about this. Do you really think that a pacy thermometer will give you the right temp you need? Well I don't. If I remember correctly, the old mercury thermometers you had to put UNDER the tongue not on top. So that scratches that thermometer out.

baby thermometer. | american red cross 5-second rectal thermometer.
Then you have the Rectal Thermometer- Lets be honest. Would you stick this Thermometer in your butt? Im sure your answer is no, unless well your just into that kind of thing. I'm MOST sure your child/baby isn't into that so please, no rectal thermometers Moms. It is just too traumatic for you and the baby

Safety First Ear Thermometer
-Ear Thermometer. I have never tried this thermometer before, I know the clinic here in town used to use them, and they seemed to have the right temp every time. Although, I was never running a fever while visiting.
I say no, just because my heart is with the Braun Thermometer.

So here is my Review for the Braun.
When I first received my Thermometer I thought "Wow, this thing is pretty high tech." Then we tired it out too see how it worked. (sidenote: none of us was running a fever but it was fun to test it out.)
It is so easy to use the thermometer. All you do is just click the little teal thermo button, while running it across instantly and accurately you have your temp! Also, the thermometer changes colors depending on how high your temperature is.
Green is Good. Yellow is just a little fever. Red is running a high temperature.

With that being said, this thermometer is the easiest and most accurate on the market for you and your child. Also, too help you feel more at ease that it's the right temperature for you child. If you are on the market for a great thermometer this is the one of the best on the market!

Choose Braun!

Please note: All my opinions are strictly based on how I feel about the product.