Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lets talk about this Red Cup fiasco.

This is me, wearing a red shirt. That says nothing about "Merry Christmas" .
I bet America is about to get offended about this shirt. Isn't that basically the same thing as
this whole "Red Cup" drama that has been started in the world. Since when did the color "red" define who you are as a Christian? I know the Blood of Christ, but there are also colors that define Christmas as well like Green. . would you be offended if the cup were Green? 

I still need someone to explain to me WHY I should be upset as a Christian woman myself.
If I let everything the Media, my friends, my hometown offend me. I would be one sad, depressed, unhappy human being. I mean, really this little red cup is going to offend you because IT DOESNT say Merry Christmas and since it is red?

I think the Media and Social network has changed the way people think, do things, live there lives, raise their children, look, feel, and well most importantly the way they feel about others lives and how they live it.

Call me crazy, but I am gonna go on a limb here. 
Christmas isn't about little red cups, Christmas lights, gifts, or Christmas Trees. 
It's about the birth of Jesus Christ. Being with your family. GIVING instead of receiving (there is a difference). Living in the moment and making memories, because you never know when you will ever have another Christmas with the ones you love the most.

But, if i am too guess..you are probably offended right about now.


p.s. Merry Christmas.