Monday, November 16, 2015

My Fall MUST haves.

I love Fall. I love the colors, the warm clothes, the layers, and most of all, the season of giving and stuffing your faces of food whenever you want. Because lets face it. I love food. AND Fashion. So with this post I am going to show you my style during these cold months.

My Fall MUST haves.

1.Graphic Tees- I am obsessed with a good graphic tee, it doesn't matter really whats on it, as long as it fits me and my personality. Over the weekend I found myself this nice Mickey Mouse G-Tee. Its oversized, been washed alot so its aged to perfection!

2. Converse- I have yet to purchase me a pair of these, I also want a good pair of keds to. I love the way they can go with anything or any style!

3. Flannel Shirt- I purchased one of these over the weekend as well, I also found one of those adorable Jean jackets with the flannel sleeves. 
Similar to this one.
20$ Almost Famous Flannel Sleeve Jean Jacket:
4. Shorts with Tights- I love this style, its an easy way to keep wearing your shorts during the fall. It pairs really well with your new flannel shirt and boots!

5. Scarves with Fringe- I have so many scarves. I Love having a little fringe on my scarves to give it that edge. My style seems to be changing as I get older, I have been having this feeling of wearing all black, but yet have done it yet.

6. Hats- I love hats. They are perfect for those days when your having a bad hair day or just don't feel like fixing your hair!

7. Combat(ish) Boots-  I love boots, especially the boots I posted in the picture. I have a pair of brown ones. I just need to purchase a pair of black ones.

8. Boyfriend Jeans- I love these jeans. My mom loved this style of jeans as well, I am still stuck in my skinny jeans. I am on a hunt for a great pair of these boyfriend jeans!

9. Sweaters Cardigans- I dont really know the specific name for these sweater vest things. BUUTTT,  I love them. I have quite a few of these bad boys and wear them alot during the cold weather when I layer on my clothes! You can mix and match then with anything!

10.Simple Rings- I love those cute little dainty rings. I love the different styles, the way they are simple and small! They make you look edgy without being too Gothicy..

What are you favorite styles during Fall? What are your must haves for Fall?