Friday, February 25, 2011

Wedding Bliss..

Hey there guys! So im gonna update ya'll on whats going on in my wedding planning..

Pretty much have little accomplished that i need, i still need to get the invites sent out.

Me and a friend made these pretty coffee filter flowers recently, we still have TONS more i need to make.
I'll be getting the bridesmaids together for this round. Other then that.. i still have to cut out fabric for the guestbook quilt, make the centerpieces, order favors, gosh this list could go on..
Oh and did i mention we r getting married in May? May 21, 2011 to be exact. The countdown that i have on my IPhone says 2 months 26 days. EPPPP.

Looks like i need to get busy next month. My life will now consit of flowers, tulle, fabric, paper, scissors, and glue...*sigh* oh well it will be the best experience ever I'm hoping for :)