Monday, February 28, 2011

Over the weekend..

Hello there fellow followers! Actually i don't think i have any followers, yet? So i suppose this is me blogging and reading it myself, Ha!

This weekend was a fun weekend, Friday we just stayed at home and watched the movie Toy Story 3 with our little Slayder's, after the movie was over me and little man went into the bed room, and played with the blocks and read a book or two while we were waiting for bedtime to come.
Here is a picture of little man laughing at Momma.. i sure do know how to make him giggle.
here he is again trying to communicate with me through a block, needless to say i didn't understand a word he said. :)

Saturday we hung out with some friends that came down from Pennsylvania, there originally from our hometown, but had to travel to find work. They have a sweet daughter, and she goes by Emma. Slayde literally could not get enough of her, giving her kisses, wanting to hold her. It was just too precious.

Sunday, Me and my mom went shopping for the first time i got to WORLD MARKET.

AND I WAS IN LOVE, (yes my FH takes me nowhere other then places in Bowie, we are very much hermits)
I found so many neat things i wanted, but only got homemade Popsicle containers, and a very cute strawberry timer. (I really didn't need the timer, knowing we have two, one on the oven and one on the microwave.) Oh well, looks like i need to start baking again! :)

Also, after that we needed up going to Grapevine Mills mall, to do a little shopping, we ended up going Forever 21 which i got me some new sunglasses, then went to Victoria Secret, who can't stop by that place?
I ended up getting a garder for the wedding, its so adorable..

 Ok so i pretty much just told you my WHOLE weekend. It was filled with, fun, family, laughter, and LOTS OF LOVE