Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Potty Training Day 2

Day 2 of potty training, and ITS GOING GREAT! Slayde loves his potty, last night he pee'd in it twice. Once, we when got home, and once before bed <3 what a BIG BOY my son is.. Needless to say, after he pee'd again last nite it started to hit me.. He is officially growing up....then the tears starting streaming down my face. So many thoughts went through my head, his birth, his first steps, his first time to crawl.....everything..He loves his potty tho, and loves to use it. I think he is more proud then his mom is..

Oh and this morning, after he woke up i sent him to go to the potty, to pee this morning, and he did it again.. Now if i can just get the sitter too help us stick with it, but that's a different story....i love Kim tho...my life would be crazy without her and her love and help