Monday, March 14, 2011

Potty Training Begins.....

So, as of yesterday we begin to potty train the Little Monster. What really made me want to start is..well here is the story.

One night, he was staying at my mother's. Well, Mom is in the spare room, cleaning, like she always does. Emiley (my sister) is in the living room with Monster man, well him and Em are in the the living room playing, and he all the sudden takes off his diaper, (either he pooped in his diaper and didn't want it in there or, he literally did poop in floor) Then after taking of "dipey" (that's what we call it around the Willingham home) he throws it at Emiley, and she never notices the poo in the floor. Well amongst all the commotion, my mom runs in the living room, and see's Em laughing..then mom notices, the poop......So that was the first sign, its time for Potty Training. After that Rust went to walmart for a potty, only PINK ones there. So no potty that day..

THEN Yesterday Sunday 3/13/11...
It's morning time Slayde had just woken up, Rusty rushes in to get him, then i hear....."MOOOOOOMMMMM....YOU SHOULD PROABLY COME CHECK THIS OUT.."
So i go into Slayde's room thinking "whats wrong, oh no, did he throw up in his sleep and not wake up?" pretty much a  million things running through my head, as i approach the room, Rusty asks me "Is that poop on his hand?" i look and I'm like um mm...."YUP it is"..."poop in the morning? R u serious?" So i get him outta bed, clean him up..That was the Second Straw, then later on he did it again, AFTER lunch. (I'm thinking to myself YUP its differently time to start introducing potty.)

So after that i told Rusty, i think its potty time, so rusty goes to WalMart for me and gets little man a potty, luckily where was all BLUE potty's and no pinks hehe.

So when rusty gets home, i get Slayde and show him the potty, tell him he can read or color while i take his diaper off and tell him, go pee pee.....and guess what!! HE PEE'D! FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! i was so proud of him i immediately went to the kitchen and got him his favorite thing, M&M'S he was so happy and proud, as was "momma and da"