Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Saturday finds......

So here is what i found today while shopping around town the thrift stores, dont be jealous when i show u these, and i only spent $24 Go ME!

So this little vest i got for $3 its a Brand from Nicky Hilton,"Chick. Yes like i already said dont be J
(please excuse my little son's hand..)
Thought this little dress right here was adorabs! Liked that it looked a little vintage and hippieish, {yes, that is a word ;)} How much u ask $2.50, i know, Rad huh?
found this, It was a missin a button, figured my Nawnaw could sew me one, or maybe SHE could teach me how?

This is what the top looks like on the shirt so cute!! Once again love the lace :)

Thought this would look cute with some shorts and sandels <3
This shirt is cool because its very thin, so im thinking about wearing this shirt when we head to the lake and such, i can cover up with it while still being nice and cool...
thanks i know cute huh?? ;))

to show ya'll its FLORAL!!  :) and yes i got the belt too, that was only a buck!!

i also, got 2 pair of jeans, some scarfs, and some clothes for my little boy. 

Also, sorry my quality of photography isnt the best as everyone else here in "bloggy land" MAYBE someday i can learn and grow from this experience blogging and learn much much more.

so i leave u with this BIG smile from me. :)