Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seriously ....Thursday?

Hey guys today im linking up with Becky-From Mama to Mrs. 
It's her weekly Seriously?? Thursday 

Ths will be my FIRST EVER link up, and i'm completely stoked!

Seriously?....did i just REALLY put in my two weeks notice at work?
why u ask? well i need more time for me and my son.. working full-time wasn't cut out for as a working mother..

Seriously?...did i really just score an AWESOME part-time job, 
in RETAIL. yes i did, so stoked about it,
 THE PLUS 50% discount on clothes....*Sign* in love

Seriously?......Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Seriously??...i really need to give myself and manicure,
 my nails have been put on the back burner this week, 
and they need some SERIOUS TLC

Seriously??.....did i really just score a CHI straightener for 13 dollars, and it's still is in GREAT condition.

Seriously?? week started out terrible, Monday dead battery in car, Wednesday late to work because the storm we had caused us to have a power outage for 7 hours!!!

Seriously?....did i really score a BKE leather jacket for my hubs for $1.50, Why Yes, yes i did.. Your welcome Honey