Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What i'm loving Wednesday..

Hello Followers, today im linking up with Jaime for her "WHAT IM LOVING WEDNESDAY"

Im loving- This Awesome rain we have been getting here in Texas, thank u mother NATURE! We got 4in. out where we live :)

 Im loving- this awesome new Coffee house we got here in town, its so great to FINALLY have one here, NO its not a starbucks, but it is a nice coffee house with muffins, coffee, and a place to go laugh with your girlies!

Im loving- LIFE, it just gets better and better every day

Im loving- awesome new shoes i got thrifting a couple weeks ago. I would show u a picture but i failed to take one this morning.

Im loving-Country Life, i love living out in the country and being able to walk outside NAKED, yes i said NAKED. i do sometimes, we also have a pond in our back yard. NO i havent went skinny dipping yet, but i will soon with the Hubs. ;)

Im loving-  That Cars 2 is coming out Friday. Yes, me and the hubs will be taking Slayde to see it saturday, cant wait this will be his FIRST time to see a movie in the Theater. stoked :D

What are you loving?
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