Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Country Home.

Hey Girls i thought i would be nice and
give yall a tour of my House outside-
Im fixing to re-do the whole front, like build a new stairs, and decorate it a little more better then it is now, get some plants..etc.

PLEASE dont judge. It's not nice. :D

As for the inside, that will be a completely different post
Cause, its still unconstruction.

Here is the front entrance, and yard.
(please excuse crappy IPhone pics, still need to get that dang charger)

The Front Entrance,

Normally those plant pots have plants in them,
well since its been so hot, it has been hard keeping
them watered because it seems like not
even the plants can keep hydrated :(

Everywhere you turn there're is trees. EVERYWHERE. 
but just on the sides of the house.
This is part of our pond. It needs H2O terribly...
Pray for Rain for us.

This is top of the hill near the pond walking towards the barn.
we also have a deer feeder back there. maybe u can see it
(once again apologizes for photos)

Hog Tracks EVERYWHERE. stupid animals.
ruined our garden, ruined my flower bed. did absoulty nothing good for us.

our barn, this is where our wedding reception was. inside was AMAZING.
ill show u pics of the inside soon
Hubby worked super hard to get everything in there fixed
before the big day.
did i mention he did all that WEEK OF wedding?

we need to burn this brush, but we are in a burn ban. so maybe next year.
or atleast until it rains

My husband 1964 Ford, he drove this in HS.
i love it. we drove it home from the wedding cemorony.

My Tonka Truck, actually its Hubs, but what is yours is mine.
(i took this photos while in town at my NawNaw's (gma)

and the Front shot.
u guys have no idea how bad we have wanted to hook soemthing.
actually u cant even see the hook in this photo

there's you a shot. Cool huh?
he made that himself.
and the rope chain above it.

There isnt nothing this truck CANT pull out.
Not to bragg. sorry.

ok. hope u guys enjoyed checking out my casa...

until we meet again fellow friends..