Thursday, July 28, 2011

SPIN PINS will be your NEW bestie.


Anyone heard of these little guys? OMG they completely changed my life! completely.

Seriously ladies. u MUST go out and get these little babies.
They are literally the best invention since hmm..
sliced bread?

BAM. here they are. 1 of these babies equals 25 bobby's.
they have different shades for hair, blonde, black and brown (i think).

Say your late for work and freaking because u have no idea what to do with your hair.

well, these little guys will give u a cute bun in seconds

here is a little example.
i dont have photos of me, my camera is DEAD and i need to find my charger.

i love mine.
u can even do the LC ballerina bun.
which i have done once.
not really my thang, but it may be yours?

I want to send a speical shout out to two lovely ladies that have recently started following me.
You GIRLS are great thanks for being so sweet, nice, geunine, and very accepting.
i hope yall know who u are. ;)

now go get you some Spin Pins by:Goody

they will save ur last minute hair styles,
and your time. :D

love and peace