Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I call BS.

Ok y'all. I'm sorry i have been neglecting my sweet blog, but i will soon be able to keep up with it more often when i get my laptop.
I have begging the Hubs to let me have my Christmas gift early but he says No, "Good things come to those who wait..." well Shiz, ill guess ill wait, better then nothing at all huh?

Well anyhoo- i have recently started on a new project at my house.

I'm currently using Mod Podge for this project, I'm slowly but surely clipping, cutting, ripping, however u wanna put it things out of magazines, anything from clothes-cute boys- to quotes and inspirational sayings. to workout ideas and all that fun girly stuff.

here is the start of it-

 sorry its sideways, today has not been my day..
please forgive, but u get what I'm trying to do here?
 i want to be able to open my closet and get inspiration

another side view..
its gonna look great cant wait to finally be done with it.

On too my next topic...

OOTD- i have been wanting to do this for awhile and finally did..

i have been wanting to wear this blazer since i bought it, and finally i did.
i loved that the tank underneath went very well with the blazer

blazer- thrifted
tank- mother gave it too me (aeropostale)
shorts- aero
shoes- gold flats (not shown) walmart

 i also paired it with this lovely green ring because the tank had been trimed in green.

also wore green pearlish earrings and and cute gold necklace..

dont ya just love this?

i do.
thanks girls. and please forgive my hair.
NOT.A.GOOD.day for my hair.

love yall.