Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have received a Blog Award! :)

I have recently recevied the best blog award from the Lovely, but yet Stylish- Tangled In Texas

I was soo excited to win this, i felt very loved and feel like i had an awesome Blogger friend :)

click here to check out her lovely- Sunday Funnies and OOTD'S

rules are-

Write 7 facts about yourself:

1. i DONT like condiments. i despise them.
2. i have never flown on a airplane.
3. if i could i would eat salad's everyday of my life.
4. my husband is an electrician.
5. I like fall wayyy more better then summer.
6. im very unorgainzied. (working on that)
7. i hope to own a business soon.


Favorite color: any kind of yellow and purple

Favorite song:  Pistol Annie's Hell on Heels.

What is ticking you off:  people who are cowards.

When I'm upset: i cry./

Favorite pet: Rabbits, and dogs

Biggest fear:  losing the ones i love the mosts

Best feature: my long dark brown hair :D 
Everyday attitude: live life to the fulliest...and always move forward.

What is perfection:  being snowed in with my son and husband.

Guilty pleasure:  shopping till i drop.

I'm passing this award on to these gorgeous Texas bloggers:
Monica  @Pixel Perfect- she is such an amazing photographer and a plus we
went to elementary together back in the day. love her work and very excited for her to photograph my family soon.

Alisha @ Alisha and Brandon love this girls style and sass!!

Sara @ Sara's Sweet Style- i love looking at every outfit this lovely girl posts. she is always look fabulous with whatever she has paired together.