Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Over the weekend we had a little shindig
at our barn for a good friend of ours
David Todd "D" for short.
Had a Pretty good time and a great turn out.
me and his g/f Kellee made snacks for anyone how had the drunk munchies
here are some photos from Saturday
me and my friend Susan.

me and my Friend Callie :D
me and my girl Renee..
(p.s. some are edited with Picnik :))

here is a few unedited
me and Kellee

D and Kel

me and Missy

Renee Modeling Rusty's dirt bike!

my sister Emiley-Renee-Me


not a good pic

So it was pretty much a fun filled Saturday night great people i tell ya

Sunday we pretty much layed around i watched Live Free or Die Hard
and Rust and Saw (slayde)
watched Cars for the hunderth time already

Monday was cleaning day. i literally cleaned so much you guys have no idea.

hope everyone had a fantastic tuesday.
see ya tomorrow....TTYL.