Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Randoms plus a Benefit for my Madre =D

Hey Friends!!
Happy Thursday! :)
Only one more day and it will finally be FRIDAY!
So, anyone have any plans for the weekend??

I do, wanna hear my plans?
oh well if u dont, ill tell ya anyways

A girl i went to elementary school with offered to
take my family photos to update her portfolio.
i also follow her in this blog world,
You can check her out at Monica @ Pixel Perfect
she is prolly who got me to start blogging, i  always loved reading
her post and thought...hmm I could do this.
So here i months later..still writing in the world of Blogger.

Also, we got backstage VIP Tickets to go to
The Ranch Bash on saturday but not sure if we will attend that..
i have a coupl outfits picked out for the family photos on Saturday
needless to say i may be down to one outfit now, since my
NawNaw aka (grandma) hasnt hemmed my dress yet..
grr... ;)
Also i have to work Saturday morning...BORINNG..
its just from 8-12 but, its a LOOONNNNG 4 HOURS alone i tell yah

also, EVEN BIGGER news for me.

I, Moi, will be putting on a benefit for my mother
It will be January 14, on a Saturday.

It will start off with a Poker Run in the morning,
a Silent Auction during the day,
then at night, HOPING cross your fingers.
please and pray alot.
That this band i had aske to perform that night will.
NOONE big.
NOONE like.
Britney Spears,
Lil Wayne
Tim McGraw..
but..i wish...maybe that could happen if they are willing,
im SURE in there busy schdule they wouldnt be able too. BOOO

but i did happen to ask

 The Hacks, its just a local band around here, that everyone likes to listen too
a good friend of my hubby's plays music with them
so he was the first i thought of when the Event Cordinator and me started
coming up with ideas.
VERY. excited for this Benefit for my mom..
if there are any fellow bloggers out there that would LOVE
to DONATE anything for this auction,
it would mean the ABSOULTE world to me.
We are also going to donate a percentage to the Breast Cancer Awareness fund as well as for my mom.

Very excited for this to follow through, and hope it does,

who knows maybe some of my fellow bloggers will be there?
what ya say?

OMG, i tell yah.
I used it last night, and i woke up this morning and my pores
were even more smaller.
 i hoping
and praying i when the Clarisonic giveaway that The one and ONLY Raven is hosting.
love this girl. She can make day go from bad to GOOD in a second always love reading her post.

ok THATS enough for one day geez Amy..

Peace && Love.
incase u wanted a tip on "how to talk to people when u dont want too"
The Lovely but talented and FUNNY...Jenna Marbles will help.
she is too funny i must say.
her snooki impression its TO.HILARIOUS.

ok seriously im leaving..