Monday, December 12, 2011

How the Glitz Stole Cristmas Blog Swap

I cant believe it is almost Christmas Ladies, 
i still have one gift to give and its the Santa present..

This Weekend is also my Wine and Cheese Party

So on to the post,
the Lovely Raven and The Gorgeous Lindsey
Hosted a great swap called

and i got paired up with the LOVELY and sweet

(like her headband?)
Kristine, this girl is so sweet.
Kristine and her Hubs are High School
sweethearts, have been together for 11 years!!

She inspires me to be strong in my marriage.

Here is what she sent me..

(sorry its blurry Note: that cute ring up there in the right corner,
isn't in the bottom photo, MOI left it at home for the other photo shoot)

seriously SHE totally got me,
and that coffee mug, SERIOUSLY. 
i have been using it everyday..
AND that cute headband and sequin mini clutch os adorbs!!

(hubs told me that whoever got that knew i needed a mirror.
He thinks I'm a little too conceited.)

Which i tell him its CONFIDENCE,
there IS difference 

Thank u so so so much for my Coffee mug
 can u tell i loves it?

cant wait too see what everyone else got