Saturday, December 10, 2011

Confess Sess

So today i will be doing my first ever Confession Session,

I have seen it a couple times on my other blog and thought i would
give it a try...

NOW, lets read what im confessing about today

I CONFESS, i havent gotten ANY christmas except for my son
i finally got something for my hubs last night, BUT tomorrow
Me and The Hubs are going on a christmas shopping spree,
So we will be DUNZO

I CONFESS- I havent washed my hair in like three or four days,
YES i have bathe, but sometimes i just dont want too, plus its good
for ur hair anyways, atleast thats what i say to myself

I CONFESS- we recently just got the Christmas tree decorated, i
think i might just keep it up all year?

I CONFESS- That i ate almost a whole roll of chocolate chip
cookie dough a couple nights ago.. HEY, we are all human right?

I CONFESS- Im in love with a cartoon character,
His name- Sterling Archer.
i know im a creep oh well..HOTTIE..

I CONFESS- I have had a drink everyday this week, this should make Raven

eat, sleep, and hang with Little Man and Hubs, maybe snuggle all weekend too

I CONFESS- I was lazy and just ordered my pizza online.
who else does this?

I CONFESS- i have been tricking my son into getting his veggies lately...#winning

So there u have it..
I confessed...
until next time ladies...