Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside my Closet...

Hey there lovely ladies,
i told y'all i would end up showing u girls a looksie inside my closet well here is it..

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ok so I'm completely joking..
this isn't really what it looks like.
but i would love to have a MUCH
bigger closet then i already have.

Here is my closet, its very small.
BUT i manage to cram alot of stuff in there,
i also use the closet in the living room for Summer Stuff,
Coats, Jeans, and Scarfs.

So here are a few of my fav items in my closet.


I got this Jacket for Christmas
I LOVE IT. i wear it a few times a week.

this shirt is my FAV,
its Banana Republic and i paid 2 bucks for it.
PLUS its silk too ;)

this is also a BIG fav of mine, i love that the top
is sheer. (shown below)

i normally wear a blazer with this
David Bowie shirt..this is my comfy outfit.

this shirt is my favorite to wear in the summer.
i love purple. I'm surprised this shirt has made it this long

i cant wait to wear this cropped shirt with some
shorts and my Indian shoes!!

isn't this dress amazing?

the detail in the straps. its clear beads!

the bottom of it.. its so gorgeous.
i haven't even gotten to wear it yet.
(i got it for Christmas)

shoes, which i didn't take a full picture of it.

this is on the top of my closet. on the other side,
i have my clutches and everything. ;)

well there u have it girls.

a looky inside my closet. i would love to show
u ALLL my clothes but i just don't have time for that ;)
im hoping one day my closet will look like this.
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 swooon im IN LOVE