Thursday, February 9, 2012

Planning Our Vacation...

So it isnt easy as u think..
There are soooo many places i would love to go to

I would LOVE to travel overseas, sadly,
our budget cant handle that right now.

but here are a few choices i have in mind,
please feel free to let me know how u feel about these
places and if they will be great for us!!

I need some feedback Girls!! :)

My First Choice is.

Lake Tahoe Neveda/California

Pinned Image

Im thinking maybe camping out or renting a cabin?
im not sure how that works but i would rather drive then fly.

My Husband wants to go to
San Antonio..
Pinned Image

This is a picture of the Riverwalk,
which i really wouldnt mind going here either.
Its close, and in Texas.

We would also still be driving..

also i would love to go to

South Padre..
Pinned Image

i would love it there,
just me, my honey, and a margarita.


What would yall choose?
 Personally, i want Padre i think..
im not sure yet..

but i think these are some of the things ill pack along with it.

Pinned Image
something of this nature...

Pinned Image
Love this style.. its so comfy, chic, and casual.

Pinned Image

a night on the Riverwalk with Rust?

Pinned Image

i love this WHOLE Combo its so Texas and i LOVE TEXAS

Pinned Image
this swimsuit. love that Virbrant Blue.

Pinned Image

this is so this combo, and that Melon top

So!! Where should we choose??
i LOVE all our choices..
any information on those places?

with love.

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