Friday, February 24, 2012


hello everyone!!
my computer is finally up and running and now I'm back to blogging.

first thing i want to share with everyone is this new concealer
i have purchased.

Image Detail
this stuff is AMAZING!!!!
I love it, its a industrial strength concealer, and let me tell
you. it works wonders!!

Also, a few weeks ago (the Sunday before Valentines day)

Me, Rust and Little Man were on our way back from eating out and
doing a little shopping for Vday. Well, as we are driving we pass
a semi truck, well this little SOB, decides to throw something up,
and it HITS MY passenger WINDSHIELD,
and guess who is on the passenger side.
(If your wondering if anything happend to poor ol little me.
i was completely unharmed during this fiasco)

(if anyone are just now following i recently got a new ride)

SO here we are driving in the snowy weather, my passenger window is shattered
needless to say it ruined our night.
so right now i have no window..we ordered a new one and should be here soon.
this is terrible..
so lately i have been drving around (when it rained)
with trash bag on there. its so ghetto. but now since its not been raining,
i have nothing on there *SMH*

so there ya go...a little friday random for ya