Monday, March 26, 2012

Been in a funk lately

So lately i have literally been in a non-creative funk.

i don't know whats wrong maybe it was the rainy weather that had me being gloomy.

Over Spring Break
Me, Little Man, and the Husband (along with my Nawnaw
and another couple and there little man) Went to the Zoo.

It was Slayde's actually first time to be there, lets just say he LOVED it.
Absolutely was thrilled to be there, he enjoyed everything.

Mostly he enjoyed the Train ride...because what little boy wouldn't?
here are some photos from the trip

he wanted on the train like NOW.

hey daniel no bunny ears for Slayde!!

enjoying the train ride!

i love flamingos!!

Chels, Slayde, and Keelyn hanging out with the Gorilla!

We had some much fun that day, we didnt get to finish the Zoo. So we
plan on making another trip here soon so i can take Slayde to the petting zoo part.

hope u enjoyed ur weekend!