Friday, April 13, 2012

I have been missing Mom..alot

i mean ALOT lately.
 i miss her more and more each day it seems, 
all i want to do is talk to her one last time, kiss her, listen to her, 
hug her, go to the Ranger Game together. 
But, i know deep down inside,
it will only happen in my dreams.

Spring was her favorite season, she got to plant her flowers, 
cook out on the back porch.

Also my son has been asking alot where "Sugie" has been. 
I simply say she is "Home" in heaven watching over u.

I know if she was still here she would still be sick, and miserable with her life here.

although i miss her terribly. 
and not to mention 
i see reminds me of u, Mom.

I still hold on to my faith and believe one day. 
I see her and my Pawpaw again..