Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I'm coping since Mother has been gone...

Life has been different, it's been completely life changing, some days I can go on knowing she isnt here and some days I completely have a melt down.

Well a couple months ago I stayed the night with my sister, and literally woke up sobbing saying she had a dream
about mom, we both starting crying talking about the dream, then I realized i needed a dream! I needed to see hear one more time.

So night after night I prayed and asked her to come see me, so finally i did, I finally seen her last week, she informed me that she is Happy, healthy and not to fret, because she's watching over me and my family everyday!

It was nice to finally see her, that was two weeks ago today that happened and I have a sense of peace and calm now. Life is such a great gift, and everyday we live I'm more and more blessed to be able to in love and free.

I have blog friends I keep In touch with which we lacking.. I'm not gonna name any names ..TAY AND SHAYNA!!

My family are also keep me grounded and busy along with a great group of girl friends I can always count on!