Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I'm linking up with Ashley
its her weekly Friday's Letter's!!

Dear Wendy Williams- Thank u for keeping me going in the morning. I don't know what i would do without u at 10:00 every morning.

Dear Husband- Thank u for fixing my car, if it wasn't for u. I would be using pat and bend to town..

Dear Shayna- CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! I'M SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FOR YOU AND MATTHEW!!! I have been wondering when he was finally gonna pop the question.

Dear Rain- I want to personally THANK u from the bottom of my heart for visiting my town this past week! We need as much as we can get, and its free water to water the garden, so keep it a coming!!

Dear Wine- I will be seeing you tonight with a couple of my lady friends!

Dear Slayde- I'm so proud that you are now finally using the big boy potty, and making "a big one." Also, i am SO HAPPY I'm not changing poops anymore!!

Dear Sister- GET HOME NOW!! I miss u so much and we need some girl time when u arrive back form ur Dads.

Dear Housewives OF OC- Be a little bit more nicer to Alexis....she is only Human.

Dear Mark Whalberg- Will u divorce ur wife and marry me?
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