Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend and The Client List

Hey ladies!!

I noticed i have gotten a few more followers!
I just want to say 

Now that we have that out of the way.

Weekend was pretty much boring. 
Except for Friday..
Me and My Girlfriend, (not like my lover..just my friend who is a girl, sick-o's)
(Moi and Lydia)

Lydia had a little slumber party Friday..
we went out to Dos Chile's (local Mexican restaurant DELISH!!) 
had a drink or two..
shared some Nachos, 
went home to consume more alcoholic beverages..
but not before we stopped by Red Box and 
grabbed us a couple movies.

first up to watch was  

Breaking Dawn: Part 1.
it was EVERYTHING i imagined it was going to be..

next up to watch was 
Bad Teacher..
this was after 2 Rita's..and couple beers for us both.
time frame? I'm gonna say 11:00 pm
so i said lets totes make that dipping pizza with all those sauces.
so we did. I'd say, after the pizza and in the middle of
bad teacher.. i was getting fairly tired.

so we went and got down on some beauty sleep.

where was the hubs and son?
well they were having them a little outing, 
but outing i mean 
doing boy stuff.
u know, fishing, putting cars back together, drinking, trying to get babes
drinking..they better not be letting little man DRINK!!

ALSO, Saturday was boring..
we did absolutely nothing
just literally sat on the couch and watched TV
Did a little laundry but THATS it.
it was lazy Saturday for us.

Sunday tho.
Was the Season Finale of my most favorite show
to date.

The Client List

by far my most favorite TV yet..
besides good Ol' CSI:Miami..

anyone watch it?

anyone like it..
i just hate that i have to wait till 2013 for the new season.
wtf..hurry up 2013, i need to find out what happens with Riley and that d-bag Kyle

i just love Jennifer Love Hewitt.
ever since the good days on Party of Five..

some people say we look alike.

who knows.

love ya, later-