Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You know what really grinds my gears?

When girls feel the need to post every SINGLE THING they do on facebook.

ha ha ha so relevant

I'm sorry but i don't care if ur child took a shit, or that u need to do laundry, run errands..etc..
or people posting shit like.

Ugh, I seriously cannot stand people who do that

"my life is terrible right now, please pray for me"

and u see people asking.
"whats wrong? i hope everything is ok." "keep me posted" and u NEVER do.
Are u just fishing for compliments? 

Haha... so true!!!
its called GET A BLOG.
then write a post about whats going on.
people really blow up my feed with bullshit they do. 

Its pretty cray cray how many post people will post daily.
just make a blog..

maybe i should just delete my facebook..

Take that

a few other things that grind my gears...
people talking trash..
seriously..who cares. get over it. we aren't friends for a reason.
that reason being..."U cant turn a whore into a housewife."

.so sad for u

JUST saying...
i don't tolerate cheating, i will not hang out with anyone who Cheats on there fiance/BF
Yes, i did talk crap about u..along with everyone else. 

hard to wash that off...

also, i hate it when someone will tell me there coming to my any of my parties..
and NEVER SHOW up. we have talked about this for almost a month.
u have known about it for a month and all the sudden u have shit to do?
F*#K THAT. we're not friends anymore.. haha

so there u have it whats grinding my gears lately..

anyone else having anything they would to add too?

i will totes post about it and how beautiful, sweet and WONDERFUL she is!!!