Thursday, September 6, 2012


Can we just say OMG, where have u been?
Well...while i was updating my computer it crashed on me.
I guys it was just too old to take on the full responsiblity to update it.
So therefore.
Im without a computer right now.
I stopped by the local libaray to post this to let everyone know
Im still ALIVE!
Im hoping i will be able to get a new comp as soon i can.
ill also stop by the local libaray and make a few schedule post(s).
So no on misses i ALL know yall did. ;)
Not much has happened lately.. except my Little Man started "Smarty Pants"
isnt he so cute?
Cowboy? Yup, thats what he said.. he told me all he wants to do is,
Ride the tractor all day and be a cowboy..
too funny
Also i have been working out lately.. running/plyometrics/ab ripper etc... its only been a couple weeks but i can tell a difference in my run and abs.
YAY me!!!
Next week im going to try and get a few schedule posts so i can keep in touch with everyone.
ALSO, i will be catching up on everyones blogs ASAP!!
I JUST know i have missed out on so much in the blog world..
THANKS FOR STILL FOLLOWING and not leaving me in this time of crazyness!!