Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what i have been doing, and enjoying this Texas Weather!

Hello My Loves!
I know its been awhile..
a very long while..
What have u been doing lately u ask?
Well Slayde has been attending pre school lately. Been enjoying it, except for he hasn't gotten
his weekly "treat" at the end of the week the past two weeks.

WHY? You ask.
because he isn't following the rules and regulations of this little
"Smarty Pants" Preschool.

 (Yes, thats the real name of the school, i wasnt just being a smart ass)

You see when they first get there they are suppose to put there back packs up
then grab there "owl" or name tag, and place it on the Tree.
Then he is suppose to take it with him to which ever center he goes too..

Needless to say he doesn't.

Well, ME the Mother is suppose to encourage this during the mornings.
This was never brought to my attention until last week..

HELL, I had no idea u were even suppose to "check them in and out"
true story.

So we're hoping this week he comes home with his "Treat" for this week...

I pretty much told him no more Popsicles if he doesn't follow rules.

his exact words

"Mom, your killing me"


Where do our children come up with these funny remarks!?

On another note the weather here in Texas is just

Like- Jackets, Scarves, Jeans, and Boots.
I got to wear my cutest winter outfits this weekend..while we hit up the new
Pub in my hometown..

We recently went wet this past year.. and lets just say.

I enjoy it. ALOT.

Margarita Thursday is my fav.

Anyone wanna join this week?