Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Confess Sess.

Its that time agian..
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Yes, you heard it right, CONFESS SESS..
I Confess- That I watch Bad Girls Club, its very raw, cray cray, and these bitches go HARD.
Did anyone else watch this Season? They were in Mexico and it was one of the craziest season to date.

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Oh Meghan
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Very Classy Rima..
I Confess- I havent washed my hair in like four days...thats good tho right..
yes, i have bathe tho, im not a flithy animal.
Come on people.
I Confess- I literally have been eating food like im going into Hibernation mode or something. Help me. Im getting fat
I Confess- I cant wait for Breaking Down this Friday.
 Its like the icing to my cake right now..
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I confess- for the last month i have done nothing but stay at home on the weekends. Im starting to think me and the hubs are going to be hermits this Winter. We always seem to do..

I confess- I can wait for Friday and its only Tuesday...smh.