Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is it really almost Thanksgiving and THE END OF THE WORLD!

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I seriously can't that Thanksgiving is in just two days!!
Earlier this year it was telling my husband that it seemed like the months
were going by slower..
 but now, since 12/21/12
"The Apocalypse" (is what we call it at our Casa.)
is creeping up it seems like the world is wanting to end as soon as it can.
Does anyone really believe in that  non-sense really?
I mean come on, how do we REALLY know when our time is up here?
Can the Science Geeks/Mayans really prove that the world is gonna end?
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Hopefully this is the case...they just ran outta room. 
Sometimes while my hubs is at work and Im home with Slayde,
I start daydreaming about the end of the world..
normally I just end up freaking myself out..
So while i freaked myself out, i started stocking up on can goods, water bottles FULL of water, stocking up on tea, batteries, lighters, newspaper (FOR FIRE people!)
anything else u name it.
call me crazy, but have u watched Doomsday Preppers?
my thoughts exactly.