Friday, December 7, 2012

My Golden Birthday

This morning me and my lovely friend Susan.. or Suz, were watching Wendy Williams Show. They started discussing "golden birthday's" and then i remembered my Golden Birthday and thought. That could be a good post.
So here i am...about to blog about My Golden Birthday.
(if anyone cares.)

Golden Birthday:

a person's birthday when they turn the age of their birth date
Mine is March 16, and I turned 16 of course.

I was a Sophomore in HS on a lovely sunny spring break Wednesday, I was enjoying my morning by sleeping in like any NORMAL teen.

When all the sudden, i get rampage by four friends..
They tell me there taking me somewhere and i wont know till we get there..

so there we are heading on northbound 287...
i literally have NO idea where we are going..

Maybe a movie? nahh that's way too boring.
maybe din din?

So we pull into Dallas, lets just say we all just got our license's and we are driving in the City. (we live in a small town, NO TRAFFIC, unless its school time)

So after the drive into Dallas, they make me close my eyes, like any normal surprise..

When we finally stopped we ended up at the Galleria Mall,
OK this may not sound fun, but let me tell u..these girls had it planned out.

We ice skated what seemed like forever, literally almost pissed our pants because Sammie couldnt ice skate...
We walked around, made fun of people, tried on REALLY expensive clothes and pretended like we were all badass's.

WHEN all the sudden, we are waking and BAM..100 dollar bill..right there in front of us.
I seen it, so immediately i suggested It should be mine since well, in all fairness it was MY birthday. Not there's.
Someone did suggest we take it too customer service, but that was shut down quickly.

Should we have taken it there? Who knows? We were 16 and found a 100 dollas and we were all broke by now, so we took the money and ran.

Since there were five, we split it 5 ways. 20 each..
i wanted to whole 100, but i guess sharing is caring. Right?

After all that we saddled up and headed home, ended up slumber partying at my house,
Drinking Smirnoff Ice with Jolly Ranchers inside.
Which we prolly were drunk off of two.
Light weights.

Have u Celebrated ur Golden Birthday?
if so
Was ur experience the best birthday ever? i'd say mine is a toss up between 16th and my 21st, That shit was a cray cray right there..But, thats for another post..