Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Slayde

Hey There Fellow Blogger's!
Mom thought i should get a Proper introduction of meeting all you
beautiful bloggers out there.
For starters, my name is Slayde Alan Willingham or Slayde.
I enjoy riding four wheelers, and riding the tractor with Dad,
normally I'm the one driving but, he always insits he drives.
I like going to school, sometimes i get into trouble because i like
being a bad boy..or is it because i like tourturing my Mom..muahahaha
Jusssss Kiddddin
Ill eat anything, but it BEST have ketchup and bbq sauce on it, yumm
i can't have a meal without my favorite condiments.
We cant forget about those delish blonde brownies Mom makes for me.
Only thing i gots to do for one of those is clean my room, and the deal is sold.
ttoooo easy.
My most favworite thing in the world is my Nawnaw and my dinosaurs..
Even tho our dog Nomeo, aka "Romeo" chewed half of them up, i dont understandhwy mom wanted that dog, all it does is chew up my dang ol' toys
enough about me, maybe more next time.
If she lets me blog agian.