Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You mean the world didnt End??

You mean the World didn't end?

We actually proved that the Mayans really cant predict the future.

Me, well I already knew they were a bunch of phonies. If anyone believes in the Word and/or God, then we then ALL know the Truth.

My Overview of My 2012

This year for me has been a year of Growing up, making choices, and excepting reality. Excepting death as a good, not bad. When I lost my mother last December to Cancer I knew my life was going to change, only for the worse I thought.

Then I turned to the ones who ment the most too me. Friends, Family, and My Husband & Son.

My Career

I started a new business career this year, working at a local boutique "Chloe's Closet" my boss/2nd mom and my self have been workin with each other since I graduated High School. I also have learned that the Fashion/Retail industary is were i want to be. So Im excited to say some new BIG things are coming from Chloe's this year and I am so excited to tell, but I want to be able to discuss the great news when we finally have a FINAL answer.

My Friends

Also, I met some new great friends this year, I still have the same good ol' frends I've had since Jr High/Pre K. (Tori, Mol, Kt, Manda, Sam). But, as I was saying, My friend Bethany AKA "B", we became closer this year, we had a little bump in the road, but, here we are being the greatest friends we could be to each other. Also I cant forget about Steph and Susan, these two girls have made my year beyond fun..anytime I wanna have a girl night there always down for it.

My Family

My Husband and Son have made this year go by so much easier. Rusty and I are always striving to make our marriage the best we can, for us and for Slayde. As for my son, Slayde, he makes life easy, makes it easy to be myself and expect no judgements. I can always make him laugh whether he is sad or happy, this boy REALLY makes my world go around. When I became a mother I never knew how much love I could hold in my heart. As for my Nawnaw and My Sister.

My sister..we are struggling right now.. it seems "our great sisterly bond is being tested these days" her being "Fo Shiz up the Spout" (incase u dont know my Juno yfiendreference. prego.) You see, I or anyone did NOT expect my sister to end up Prego, or with a boyfriend last year....but she ended up with both......lets just say Our Mother, is VERY PROUD of us both..

as for my Nawnaw...well she holds it all together for the FAMILY. This year I have learned that she makes our lives easier...I can all her, talk to her, tell her how I feel or if I'm having a bad..I feel that I can almost call Mom....but she is only NawNaw. NOONE will every replace my mom...but that Woman, she almost does.........