Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my husband. the story of our beginning.



The first day I remember seeing Rusty, I believe I was a Junior in HS and seen this teenage boy walking down the hallway with his hair shaved in a what seemed like a flat top in the front. Soon after he passed by, I had seen what seemed like it came straight out of a Billy Ray Cyrus music video, yeah, a MULLET.

Other then that we never really talked, although his best friend lived across the street from me we seldom seen each other or even hung out at that matter.

(we were both in a serious HS relationship at the time. Lame)

So as the years pass, we probably have seen each other once or twice (if that) after we both graduated.

Once at my 21 Birthday I remember seeing him and another HS schoolmate, Chance, showing up with no birthday gift any birthday girl wants to see. A cooler full of snakes, not just any snake but BABY RATTLESNAKES, YA'LL. Talk about heart attack..

anyhoo..I told them to either leave or kill the snakes.

They did what any right human being would do. Kill Em'.

As the year passes by, I was working at a local restaurant "Dos Chili's" which might I add have the BEST Pomegranate Margaritas in town. By then I was hanging out with a few new girl friends, one particular Kellee, and through Kellee that's how me and Rusty being "getting to know each other"

First off, let me start of by saying I wasn't looking for anyone nor was l interested in having anything of what I thought I would be "Tied Down".

A a few months pass by and we all been going to parties and bbq's together, we're dirtroading back when Rusty, decides he is gonna confess his love for me. Lets say we all (expect the DD) were "3 sheets to the wind". So after that I literally asked them to take me home and ill text them all tomorrow.

This guy was not gonna give up. I was thinking, does this guy not get the hint?

Until one day I finally decided I would finally go out on a date and "see how things went"

Well r guessing, apparently things went really good that day.

He made me laugh. Not just at the start of the date but the WHOLE time. You see I like a man with a sense of humor and somewhat of a ego. I only say ego because I want my man to atleast have some confidence in himself.

After that we dated a few times, then I moved in with him and his roommate, David. Then six months later I was knocked up with a little Baby Willingham. The the rest is history...


I, as in Amy, asked Rusty to be my Boyfriend . I asked him the old school way. Wrote him a note and asked him to check yes or no. Okay, maybe I read into George Strait's lyrics too much.

But, he did check YES after all didn't he? :)