Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quotes to live by.

 I just love Pinterest.
I'm sure everyone is pretty obsessed with it by now..
I like it for inspiration.. I'm sure everyone loves it for all different reasons
What's your favorite thing about Pinterest?
While you should be commenting right now..
Ill leave u with some Quotes to live by.
True friends and loving family.  We all sin, just in different stupid ways. And if you think you haven't yet....wait a few years, you will.  I promise.  You're human too, and it will be alright.  I love you always, as I do now with every breath and my mother's heartbeat. Forgive me, for I have already forgiven you for whatever you might someday need me for.  Very true, we're all human!!!
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Mark 11:25. hardest thing ever.
mind the theme.
A lady...
Be yourself | Ralph Waldo Emerson /