Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting in a finder binder with a cop, get outta here...

Has anyone ever had a scare with the police, I did a few Friday's ago. Let me tell you it wasn't the best introduction, even though I already knew him.

the story goes..

I was driving down the main street of my little town, I wasn't speeding only because there was a stop light a few feet within the last stop light I at was stopped at. So as I see the light turn RED immediately pressed my breaks, apparently the shoes I was wearing are not the best to be wearing while driving, because instantly my foot slipped an BAM! There I am. Front bumper of the Hummer AKA Herb the Hum into an UNMARKED Cop car.

Yes, I said cop and can u say shit my pants?

Well I about did, but, I contained myself. Trust me. I immediately thought jail.

So I step out and to see the officer, whom which I knew, thankfully.

The only negative thing about the wreck, is well we for one is it was a cop, but not only that it was in the middle of town, where traffic is crazy, and everyone in town drives by to just to see what happened.
Oh well. Atleast I can say I got away with a "RUN IN" with a cop..
The upside, my car wasn't damaged and I and the cop were safe.
The only damaged that was made was to my ego, I always thought I was the best woman diver...
looks like we all suck at driving ladies. ;)
anyone else ever done this?