Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favs

Hey Ladies!!!
Its finally FRIDAY! I know my weekend is jammed pack with a sheeiit load of activities to do this weekend.
Ill tell you all about it next week.
Since its Friday I figured I would let you in on some of my favorite things I LOVE lately.
Last week my and Slayde planted a bunch of wildflowers. This week they sprouted and Slayde was one proud little guy.  We also planted our veggie garden this week, I just love knowing were my fresh produce comes from. I'm hoping to invest in some Peach Trees soon!
Soon my nights will be filled with practices and at games cheering my little man on during his very First year of T-Ball..
I must say I'm one PROUD Momma and excited for all the new milestones he will be achieving!
it's potent! eye cream
This stuff right here is AH-mah-ZING
When I went to Ulta to purchase a few items, I had gotten a free sample of this stuff. This small little sample lasted me 2 weeks! Let me tell you I noticed BIG difference in my eyes. I would have taken before and after photos, but close up pictures of eyes really freak me out.. SERIOUSLY girls this is a must have! this whole bottle will proably last u atleast 6 months!
Summer Dress and sandals! My absolute fav!! I live in this stuff during the Texas heat!!!
This website is so awesome for Photo editing! IT has all sorts of fun things for you too use to jazz up your lovely photos you sexy ladies post!
Go check it out!
last but not least!!
& there you go.