Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Texas weather..why cant u be normal!

This is the current state of my Hummer.
It will probably not be washed for awhile. It seems all I have done within the past weeks is wash, clean it out, detail it. Whatever I need to do to keep this little lady clean.
As you all know I live in the good ol' Lone Star State, Texas..
The weather here is well, lets just say. Strange & unexpectable.. seriously people.
Like Two weeks ago it was below freezeing here, or was that last week?
I can't remember the weather changes as fast as you can say "What's the Weather outside like?"
Yesterday outta now where, a storm comes and all the sudden we are in a Tornado watch till 11 pm. Did I mention this was at 5 pm.
Face Palm.
If anyone of you girls visit Texas. I'll give u a list of items to bring.

1. Heavy Jacket, durable for heavy winds, rain, or whatever the day is going t bring
2. Shorts, Tanks Top and Sandals
3. Jeans, long sleeve  and boots.
Pretty much pack for any weather situation that may be coming our way
If u do plan on coming to Texas let me know!!!