Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RHOBH Reunion anyone?

My thoughts exactly Kyle.
Wow..this season was a mess.
This season was filled with, backstabbing, lots of F bombs, and a lemon cleanses going on.
First Off I wanna start with 
Hello there Doll. Thank u for all your wonderful one liners (ie.) "Are those turtles, I love turtles" that's out of left field. anyhoo..Congrats on being sober this whole season, and also thank u for not changing a bit. Your strange antics and crazy convos will keep me watching.


Interesting you say that Kyle. Your husband seriously, my gosh Kyle. Other then that, quit crying over Brandi and Lisa's friendship, go find someone new. Like possibly your sister? Other then that I want your long hair and lashes, if there even real.


Don't act so surprised. Please tell me, how u didn't know where Kennedy was?
 Why are your lips so huge?
Why did u invite a crazy lady into your house to "Cleanse your house"

 Why do u eat like your about to get down like donkey kong?
still waiting.....


That's not very nice, Yolanda. She was the newbie this year, it seemed like the only time I saw her was running or in her garden where her lovely lemon trees and lavender grow. She is married to some musician who is never home. Yolanda loves to treat her man like the king he is, whenever he is home. which is basically never.


Where were all season?
oh well.. we will not be seeing u next season
Me waving goodnight.
Ciao yourself.

Mrs Brandi Glanville

Now now Miss Sensitive, chill out.
We all know you like to just stir the pot around the Hills, but we all know your a true bitch, who doesn't hold anything back! too be honest with you, I did not like you last season things change..Keep being the great bitch/instigator/ drama starter every season!! You ROCK!